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Your Holiday home in Spain: On vacation with a dog

Walking on the beach with your dog, feeling the sand between your toes and feeling the fresh sea breeze of the Andalusian coast on your skin ... Almost too good to be true? In the small urbanization Roche on the Costa de la Luz, pure vacation fantasy becomes real vacation pleasure for you and your four-legged friend. Perhaps you have already tried full of travel anticipation to book a holiday home in Spain with dog as company, and were hardly found? Not all regions of Spain welcome dogs in vacation homes or on the beach with friendliness.
Here in Roche, however, dog owners are welcome with their dogs both on the beach and in our vacation homes at any time of the year.

In Roche with your dog to the sea: your vacation home in Spain for an idyllic beach vacation


The idyllic village of Roche is located in Andalusia on the Costa de la Luz, directly on the Spanish Atlantic coast. Characterized by shady pine forests, bright sun and the sound of the sea, the sandy beach stretches for about 6 km. The beguiling sea, the blue sky and the picturesque stone cliffs form the perfect scenery on walks with your dog.
Discover hidden wind-sheltered bays and return to your beautiful holiday home in Andalusia after extensive exploration tours, to relax extensively afterwards.
Most of our vacation apartments and vacation homes, whether villa or smaller house, are equipped with several bedrooms and bathrooms as well as a pool. Even if you rent the house with a larger group, with your family or friends, you will always find enough free space in the house or in the spacious garden to relax in peace. This way you can really enjoy your vacation in a holiday home in Spain by the sea with your dog.

Exploring Roche and the surrounding area: Life on site


With 95% Spanish owners, the residential area in Roche is almost original Spanish, the opposite, as it were, of the beaches of Mallorca overrun by vacation tourists. A neat and relaxed ambience flows through the urbanization and attracts especially epicurean connoisseurs who appreciate the good. The restaurants here in Roche cook their regional specialties in the traditional way and prepare authentic Andalusian delicacies for you. If your four-legged friend is unexpectedly not allowed in the restaurant, you will surely find a cozy place on the terrace.

Besides the romantic beaches, you will find in Roche:

  • Soccer, volleyball and tennis courts

  • playground for the whole family

  • Supermarket, pharmacy, ATM

If you want to make a small excursion during your stay in the vacation home through Spain with the dog, you can, for example, take a short drive from Roche to the neighboring towns of Conil or Cadiz: In the charming fishing village of Conil you can surf and climb the lighthouse above the harbor, while in Cadiz the imposing historic old town is waiting to deeply impress you. Good to know for the four-legged ones: In these two places, by the way, you will also find veterinarians.

Therefore, our vacation homes in Roche offer - beyond the fantastic sea view - excellent conditions for a restful, carefree and relaxed vacation by the sea. With dog.

Buy your personal villa on the Costa de la Luz


Buying a house in Andalusia - This is worth more than just a mere consideration. Turn your longing for a small, private paradise into reality. You could spend regular vacations or even the whole summer in your own vacation home with sea view, with your dog by your side. Our attractive properties on the Costa de la Luz are almost all located directly on the sea, have private beach access, a pool, wind-protected terraces and dreamlike gardens. Whether you are looking for a two bedroom apartment or a five bedroom villa: With our dream properties you will find a second home, your personal retreat in Spain for you and your dog.

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