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Immoteam El Delfin

Immoteam El Delfin SL is your trusted partner when it comes to buying your luxury property in Andalucia. With our office in Roche on Costa de la Luz, we are on the spot for you and well prepared to assist you in the search, purchase, and, if desired, renovation of your property. As well as offering you an excellent and forward-looking investment, we also want to introduce you to the unsurpassed scenery on Costa de la Luz. This includes the stunning beaches of Conil, Fuente de Gallo, Chiclana de la Frontera, and the surf spots of El Palmar and Caños de Meca. Find out more about our offer now!


Immoteam El Delfin has been active in Roche on Costa de la Luz since 2002 and offers its services in renting hand-picked holiday homes and selling exquisite properties. Are you looking for a high-quality holiday home with a pool near the beach for the whole family, a luxurious villa with a sea view and garden, or a cozy holiday idyll with a private beach? On our website, you will find your exclusive residential jewel for rent or purchase, which will be adapted precisely to your wishes!

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In over 20 years of business, we have successfully helped countless clients find the quality property of their dreams on Costa de la Luz.

Dear Immoteam, after two successfully completed business transactions, it is time for us to say a big thank you. The preparations and the entire handling of the purchases were very competent and relaxed. You always helped us with information and all our questions. Our special thanks go to José, who organised all tax and notarial matters so precisely that they could be carried out quickly and without any uncertainties on our part. We were very satisfied and say "thank you".

H. and W.

Dear Claudia, Robert and Jose, we were already very satisfied with our first house purchase and have been happy and satisfied owner-occupiers and landlords ever since, despite the extensive renovation work, which went smoothly and on time with the architects and building contractors recommended by you. The fact that we are now repeat offenders, already with our second house, speaks for itself. Thanks to you, Claudia, for smooth letting and always reliable support for the tenants and us. Thanks also to you, Jose, who always guides us through the purchase process and the administrative changes etc. with ease. And of course to you, Robert, for your always honest and professional assessments of the properties on offer. Hasta la próxima!

Natalie and Markus

Dear Claudia, dear Robert, already on our first trip to Andalusia 25 years ago we were thrilled by the beauty of the country and the friendliness of the people. Even then we had the dream of owning a retreat on the Costa de la Luz at some point. That this has finally come true is largely thanks to you. To be able to call such a special house our own is still unbelievable. The ideas that you incorporated into the planning of "Casa Toro" make the house incomparably beautiful and fulfil all our expectations. Your support in handling the purchase and overcoming the bureaucratic hurdles ultimately made our decision easy. Thank you for everything and for allowing us to become Roches residents.

Claudia and Michael


Of course, dogs and children are also welcome in our high-quality properties. Costa de la Luz is known as a family and dog-friendly environment. 

A paradise for the whole family…

Spain and especially the Roche region are known for being child and family-friendly. Children naturally get their money's worth in all of El Delfin Roche's high-quality properties. Costa de la Luz is a true paradise for children, who can play there safely - everywhere in Roche, there are speed bumps on the road to ensure a slow driving speed. There is also a wide range of sports on offer, from surfing to football, including tournaments for children and the possibility of having children looked after by a children's entertainer or at the children's disco. Many restaurants also have a playground where children can let off steam while you enjoy your quality food and local wine in peace.

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... and dogs

When selecting our holiday homes, we at Immo El Delfin attach great importance to the fact that interested parties with dogs also get their money's worth. On our website, you will therefore find a dog symbol on some properties. This means that a maximum of two dogs are allowed as long as they do not disturb the neighbors - for example, by barking loudly. Of course, there are no additional costs for bringing dogs. Costa de la Luz's surroundings are perfect for walks with dogs - why not explore the extensive pine forests around Roche together during your visit, walk along the river to the harbor or stroll over the cliffs to the lighthouse? 


Get your own impression of Roche, its fantastic location on Costa de la Luz, the beautiful beach, and one of Immo El Delfin's properties.

You can find more impressions on our YouTube channel.


Andalucia is one of the most beautiful regions in Spain - which is why we have established El Delfin Roche here. This region, located in the country's south, offers the best holiday weather: an average of over 300 days of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature of around 16 degrees Celsius. In addition to fantastic beaches, there are national parks and numerous nature parks in Andalucia - perfect for discovering the species-rich animal and plant world. And physical well-being is also taken care of: due to the sunny climate, Andalucian cuisine offers a variety of taste experiences that you won't find anywhere else. 



At Immo El Delfin we firmly believe that Costa de la Luz is the ideal holiday destination because the region combines water sports, relaxation, and culture. No matter what you're in the mood for: you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for on the gorgeous golden sandy beaches with the turquoise-blue sea, in local restaurants and unspoiled nature or small villages in the interior, the kind you usually only see on postcards. But the city of Cádiz, the capital of the province of the same name, is always worth a visit, not only in our eyes: it is the oldest city in Europe.


The Roche urbanization was founded in the mid-1970s and is today considered by connoisseurs to be one of Spain's most beautiful residential areas. The architect-built houses, the clean and well-kept surroundings, 6km of sandy beach, and an untouched pine forest surrounding Roche all contribute to this image. This makes Roche a natural idyll that resembles an island in isolation. At the same time, Roche is an area relatively untouched by tourists. This is because 95% of the property owners are Spanish, which gives the region its authentic character - which is what we at Immo El Delfin love so much about Roche. You will find the typical Spanish mentality almost everywhere, and it will quickly transfer to you! 

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No matter how long you stay in Costa de la Luz - you will never be bored. Because in Roche and the surrounding area there are endless possibilities to spend your free time. How about, for example, a dreamlike morning walk along the 6km long beach, a relaxing stroll through the adjacent pine forest, or a relaxing excursion by bike to explore the surroundings? For those who like sports, Roche has tennis courts, football pitches, volleyball courts, golf courses, basketball courts, paddle boats, a climbing park, and a fitness trail. And to relax, there are luxurious restaurants, beach bars, and open-air cinemas, for example.


At Immo El Delfin you will find high-quality properties furnished in classic or modern styles. No matter what you choose: You can always expect a luxurious interior. The houses are in the best location in Roche on Costa de la Luz: dreamlike beaches and luxuriously furnished, high-quality properties invite you to relax in Roche - not for nothing is Roche considered the most beautiful residential area in Spain.

We have been working successfully as real estate agents for over 20 years. Through our many years of experience and expertise, Immoteam El Delfin offers you the best selection and advice! 


Are you dreaming of your very own luxuriously furnished holiday home? Then Immo El Delfin is the right partner for you! With us, you will find a hand-picked, exclusive selection of holiday homes in Roche on Costa de la Luz - all in fantastic locations and equipped to a high standard. Thanks to the many years of experience of the team at Inmobiliaria Delfin Roche, we not only know the area like the back of our hand but also know, for example, all the insider tips for Cádiz, the oldest city in Europe. We also know what is essential when buying a holiday home - from the search to the conclusion of the contract. No matter whether it's about finding the right furnishings or legal formalities: The Inmoteam is at your side to make finding your dream holiday home as uncomplicated as possible.  

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Are you looking for the right holiday home for your dream holiday? El Delfin Roche will be happy to help you! In our catalog, you will find a wide selection of high-quality properties and luxury holiday homes. No matter whether you are looking for a large house near the beach for the whole family, a luxury villa with a sea view and infinity pool directly on Costa de la Luz, or a cozy holiday idyll near the pine forests: We guarantee you that we have the right property for your dream holiday. And if your dog doesn't miss any holiday: Inmoteam Delfin also has holiday homes on offer where dogs are just as welcome as you are! 


Delfin Roche is the right contact if you want to make profitable use of your property even while you are away. Costa de la Luz is a popular holiday destination because of its beautiful surroundings near Cádiz, the oldest city in Europe. Due to the exclusive location of our office in Roche, we can optimally help you to rent out your property on Costa de la Luz. A great part of all returning tourists and tenants in the region come to El Delfin because of our extensive sales and rental experience. Immo El Delfin Roche's primary objective is always to keep your workload to a minimum and to achieve the best possible return for you.

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Immo El Delfin has been operating in Roche since 2002, helping people to buy their property on Costa de la Luz for over 20 years. The team at Inmobiliaria Delfin Roche has many years of experience, and as a result, we have a thorough understanding of the area. The team consists of Robert Rütten, Claudia Rütten, José Parente, and Elena Aristova. Together we will find the ideal holiday home for you which will meet your individual wishes! 

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