Holiday homes with sea views: Enjoying Spain

The Spanish sun, surging waves, pure relaxation: Expect this holiday experience, renting a holiday home with sea views in Spain. Explore the holiday property offerings of Immoteam El Delfin and choose the ideal home for your perfect holiday. Pool, garden, terrace: The plentiful offers of holiday homes in our portfolio will surely provide a match to your wishes.

Renting a Holiday home with sea views at the Costa de la Luz

Spain belongs to the most popular holiday destinations for German vacationers. Andalusia, in the southern part of the country, has a great deal to offer in summer and winter times. Sunbathing on the beach, sauntering through the “pueblos blancos”, surfing the waves at the Costa de la Luz – visiting Roche enjoy this and much more. Our holiday villas with sea views offer the ideal starting point for our excursions and all the while invite you to relax at the pool or spend the evenings on your terrace.

Pure relaxation on kilometre long sandy beaches


Renting from Immoteam El Delfin a holiday house in Andalusia, expect to find wonderful first row properties in the private urbanisation Roche of Conil de la Frontera at the Costa de la Luz. A total of 6 kilometres long of sandy beach is here waiting to be explored, promising blissful relaxation. While bathing in the waves, taking long strolls on the beach or wave riding at surf schools, enjoy Spain’s sun to the fullest.

Wake up in the mornings and relish unique panoramas from your holiday villa with sea views. Break your fast on the terrace or in the garden while listening to the gentle sounds of the waves. Who needs even more than the views, just rents a holiday mansion with direct beach access. This way you have direct beach access from your property – have you had holidays with such exclusiveness before?

Family holidays or group travel: Always having the perfect home with sea views


Renting a house in Andalusia which will make your vacation unforgettable. – We, from Immoteam El Delfin, surely have the matching property for you in our portfolio, as response to this wish of yours. Traveling with your family, you find the holiday home with sea views, offering 3 bedrooms, a small garden and a pool. Ideal for 3 – 5 persons. As well, we have holiday villas for even bigger sized groups, up to 6 bedrooms, more than 500 sqm living space and up to a 1.000 sqm garden plot for you. Chose the optimal holiday house matching your expectations, as the fulfilment of a dream holiday starts with the housing conditions.

You are looking for an even more exclusive House serving your traveling needs? Rent a villa with sea views and enjoy Spain’s most beautiful side. Find more details in our offerings.

Experiencing a multifaceted Andalusia


The Urbanisation Roche was founded in 1975 near the white village of Coni de la Frontera and still is a vacationer’s insider tip for Andalusia. More then 90% of the property belongs to Spaniards. Therefore, you will meet here the typical Spanish flair, besides enjoying the idyllic beaches of “the Coast of light”.

Roche offers plentiful opportunities to expand your enjoyment of your holiday time. Wouldn´t you like to,

  • spend long days on the beach,

  • watching the hustle and bustle on the Plaza, while enjoying a glass of wine,

  • indulge in the Mediterranean kitchens’ diverse offerings in the restaurants on-site,

  • watch the fishermen at the sea with your kids,

  • sit in a sea food restaurant, watching the harbour and its incoming fishing vessels,

  • test your agility in a climbing park

  • or let loose in diverse sports facilities?


And not only Roche itself knows to impress. Renting a holiday villa with sea views at the Costa de La Luz, you have the ideal starting point for a range of diverse excursions. Make the Andalusian west coast reveal itself in its beauty and its locations like Cadiz or Sevilla, or take a tour east and visit Gibraltar. Never mind, if you are looking for historically important centres of culture, if you want to meet with Spain’s newest trends in its paradisiacal shopping centres or if exclusive partying and night live is more to your liking: Form Roche as your starting point all your wishes will easily be fulfilled. Naturally our staff will advice you according to your needs.

Holiday home in Andalusia: The sunny investment


Immoteam El Delfin is dealing in more than the holiday home rental business. If you are looking to buy a villa with sea views, we should be your confidant, too. Our experienced staff is well versed to always have interesting property offers to meet your investment ideas.

Buying a house in Andalusia – make sure to employ our top-notch services. If you buy your house using our office, we offer you the unique opportunity to employ our specialist staff´ services in your absence, regarding all local matters from coordination, execution and supervision of necessary maintenance activities to your letting matters. This way your profits are manifold: Investing your money is generating incoming, without you concerning yourself with maintenance and letting affairs, all the while using your available dream property in Spain at your leisure for necessary recreational time outs. Make sure to use the current low-interest phase in buying your dream property in Andalusia!